Coronavirus (COVID-19) information for patients 

The government has recently updated the NICE guidelines, so it is no longer necessary to self isolate for 14 days before having cataract surgery, but you would be asked to self-distance for this period.You will have a COVID-19 test swab 3 days before your surgery, and would have to then self-isolate for the 3 days between the swab being taken and your surgery date. 

Cataract surgery enhances your vision bringing back the sharpness of colours and improving blurred vision. My warm and welcoming attitude will surely make you feel at ease and comfortable during the surgery and throughout your journey.

Within a few days of having cataract surgery, daily duties such as driving and other activities can be resumed, guaranteeing patients a much happier and improved way of life.

I have completed over 7,000 cataract surgeries but also have many other areas of expertise such as: 

- Dry eye syndrome and blepharitis. 

- Laser treatments including YAG capsulotomy and iridotomy.

- Eyelid cysts (chalazion).

- Glaucoma. 

- General Ophthalmology.


Private work

Nuffield Health Bristol,

The Chesterfield,

3 Clifton Hill, Clifton







I'm more than happy to see patients from the NHS.

My warm and welcoming attitude will surely make you feel at ease and comfortable.

Spire Bristol Hospital,

The Glen, Redland Hill,

Durdham Down,                  Bristol,


Mr Girgis has recently completed the Ulster University Cataract and Refractive Surgery Course, PgDip.

The course takes around 9 months to study and complete, from October 18-June 19. It includes over 30 hours of fully narrated lectures, discussions and testing forums and self assessment tests.

The program of the course has been designed in collaboration with The Royal College of Ophthalmologist to give the candidates a great depth in the refractive field including the premium lens of cataract surgery.

Mr Girgis has passed the course with grade Distinction.

My Secretary details are:

Mrs / Samantha Ace

0117 377 8873




If you have any query or questions Mr Girgis is happy to meet you for 10 minutes free consultation. It will be helpful if you bring a copy of a recent eye test with you.


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